This site has been created for me, for you, and for millions of other Americans fighting the banking system to save the roof over their heads. This site is not just about shaming the banks however; it’s about shaming each and every person that any of us have reached out to for assistance only to be denied, pushed aside and lied too.

It has become abundantly clear that Congress, Wall Street and the Banks are not concerned about the American Family. Daily we turn on the TV and watch the endless Dog and Pony shows that are created to distract Americans from the real issues facing us and our families.

We are done being lied to and done being treated as second hand citizens. It is time that the truth is told and we, who have been and still are being dragged thru the dirty cogs of the Banking Industry, are going to tell it. It is time that each and every member of Congress is held accountable for their actions or inactions that has led this great Nation to what it has become today.