Pogs are a strange blend of nostalgia and contemporary pop culture. They were only released in North America until the early 1990s, and it’s amazing to think of them now as an obscure collectible item that’s all but disappeared on the scene.

If you’re interested in knowing how much pogs are worth, then keep reading. It’s not as hard to figure out as you might think. The value of pogs really depends on what kind you have, how many there are and where you plan to sell them.

Pogs were produced by the United States Playing Card Company (USPC) from 1986 to 1992 with releases in both standard and premium card stock varieties. Pogs were sold in small plastic containers with a small number of cards included for about $1 each. This is enough information for us to know that pogs aren’t overly valuable if they look like they have been played with or if they come individually packaged.


How Much Are Pogs Worth?

The value of pogs really depends on what kind you have, how many there are and where you plan to sell them. At a minimum, you can expect that store-bought pogs are worth a few dollars. If you have some in good condition, you can resell them for a few bucks or more depending on how many there are and where you are selling them. Pogs are definitely worth researching and considering as a collectible item, but they don’t hold a lot of intrinsic value. There are thousands of pogs out there, and unless you have a collection of thousands of different pogs, then you’re not likely to make any money reselling them.


Check for Condition

Pogs come in a variety of condition, and you’ll want to know what the condition of each one is before you start pricing them. Some pogs are in good shape and some aren’t, and you can tell at a glance when you look at them. You can use a pog of yours as a test card. Most collectors will look at your pog and pay you based on the condition, so you may as well inspect them yourself. If your pogs are in good shape, then you can expect to get $2-$5 per pog depending on the number of pogs you have and where you’re selling them.


Know What You’re Looking For

If you’re looking to sell your pogs for profit, then you’ll want to know what to look for in each one. You’ll want to make sure each one is in good shape and that you don’t have one that has been in a bag or container for a long time. You can spot a pog that has been played with because it will have different markings or scratches than an unplayed pog. You’ll also want to make sure each one has both sides of the cards included. The edges of many pogs are scuffed or worn, and you’ll want to make sure the backs of each one aren’t missing.


Types of Pogs

There are three types of pogs that are worth knowing about when you’re looking to know how much pogs are worth. These three types of pogs are the “regular” pogs, the “super” pogs and the “rare” pogs.

– Regular pogs are the most common pogs and ones that are worth the least money. They may have some odd or minor imperfections or minor damage, but they’re still in good condition and worth a few dollars each.

– Super pogs are the rarest pogs and are worth the most money. They are extremely rare and one of a kind, and they come in both standard and premium card stock varieties.

– Rare pogs come in between super pogs and regular pogs and are worth somewhere in between. They’re more common than regular pogs, but they’re still the pogs that are worth the most money.


Pogs and Video Games

The pogs were really only popular for a few years before they disappeared from the scene, and many people are surprised to learn that they were also used in video games. In the popular game “Madden Football”, pogs were used as cards for the players. You could use them for your team and trade or swap them with other players.



While pogs are definitely worth researching, you’ll want to know that they aren’t particularly valuable. They’re made of cardboard and plastic, and they were only released in North America until the early-1990s. They were only distributed in small plastic containers, so they show up very often on eBay and other online auction sites. Pogs are definitely a fun collectible item, but they’re not worth a significant amount of money. They’re worth researching and looking at when you’re thinking of getting rid of old pogs, but they aren’t worth much beyond that.